Oh What a Night! Late October, 2017!

What a wonderful night we had Friday at the Somerset County Democratic Committee Gala!  Our special guests Ambassador Phil Murphy was fantastic, Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman wowed the crowd, and United States Air Force veteran Shanel Robinson -- one of our great Freeholder candidates this year -- sang the National Anthem beautifully.

 United States Air Force Veteran Shanel Robinson Singing the National Anthem

Here are some of the pictures of the largest gala we've ever had, leading into what we believe is going to be our most successful election day.


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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Our Signs!

Our signs are going up! We want everyone to know about our great candidate, and are putting signs up throughout the county on homes, businesses and intersections to get the word out.

To get your sign just go to http://www.somersetcountydemocrats.org/2017signs and request one!


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You Need A Voice

For 35 years, the Somerset County Republicans have held every seat on the Somerset County Freeholder Board.  Not having anyone to question them, to challenge their ideas has led to a lazy, get along to go along board running our county. 

The Somerset County Freeholders negotiated a 99 year lease to give away this 33,000 square foot mansion, a five-star restaurant, a working organic farm and 90 acres in the richest area of one of the richest counties in the world. We get only $150,000 a year in rent.  

They are so insulated and unquestioning that they haven't had a single nay vote in the three years since Brian Gallagher joined the "team".  Alex Avellan and Shanel Robinson won't just vote yes at everything put in front of them, but will question and change bad deals until they become good deals.

A perfect example of how the GOP lock on the Freeholder Board hurts the county is the Natirar giveaway. 

County taxpayers were promised the deal would start paying for itself in 2006 when a spa for the wealthy, a five-star restaurant, and private membership club opened and lease payments would increase. That didn’t pan out, the spa is still not open, and the county didn’t receive a penny until 2010 and then only received $150,000 a year. Meanwhile we spend $400,000 a year on debt payments and operations and upkeep.

From a property intended to pay for itself, to millions of dollars in losses?  That’s not just a bad deal – it’s a backward deal.

Get all the facts Natirar - A Backwards Name, A Backwards Deal.

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He Keeps Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What He Thinks It Means

Somerset GOP chair Al Gaburo said this to InsiderNJ yesterday, " “Unfortunately, their accusations this year, as in the past are completely baseless ... The facts are the facts."

The two statements don't make sense, because the facts are Brian Gallagher and Brian Levine are the only Somerset County Freeholder candidates who violated state ethics laws regarding financial disclosure.  The facts are Shanel Robinson has not.

Yet Gaburo has raised tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars spreading the lie that Shanel did, and ignores that his guys are the guilty ones.

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GOP Attacks Alex Avellan For ... Not Owning a Home?

The Somerset County GOP has been sending out dishonest hit pieces using selective information, false accusations and sometimes outright lies to attack Alex Avellan, Shanel Robinson and Steve Peter.  Here are their claims, and then the facts.

The hit piece against Alex states, "Alex Avellan doesn't own a home in Somerset County nor does he pay property taxes here."

More than 25 percent of Somerset County residents live in homes owned by someone else, yet Gallagher and Levine mailed out literature saying that not owning a home risks the "special quality of life" in Somerset County.

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Gallagher and Levine Lie About Shanel, Break State Ethics Laws.

The Republican Party is spending tens of thousands of dollars spreading lies about Air Force Veteran and Freeholder candidate Shanel Robinson. The falsely accuse her of ethics violations they are guilty of!  Read below to get the facts, then write a letter, post to Facebook, and come volunteer for the campaign.

Write a Letter To The Editor: Star Ledger | Courier News | NJ Hills | TAP Into | Franklin Reporter | Montgomery News 

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Levine and Gallagher Caught Lying to the Voters About Robinson’s Record, And Their Own Violations of State Ethics Laws

Somerset County GOP Candidates Follow Trump/Christie Strategy of Lies and Fake Attacks

FROM: Somerset County Democratic Committee

(Somerville, NJ) The Somerset County Republicans have been caught following the Trump and Christie campaign strategy of lies, misleading accusations and divisive innuendo to hide the fact that they preside over the 7th highest property taxes in the United States.

Over the past week the campaign for Levine and Gallagher for Freeholder and Brett Radi for County Clerk have sent out at least three separate mail pieces that falsely claimed Franklin Councilwoman Shanel Robinson “has repeatedly violated New Jersey ethics law by failing to disclose personal financial information required by the state for all elected officials.”

However, Air Force veteran Robinson has filed every required Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) within the guidelines set by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), the very source cited by the GOP hit pieces.  Levine and Gallagher, who had the same legal obligation as Mayors of Franklin and Somerville, respectively, have not.


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Candidates Coming to Somerville Weekend

The Somerset County Democratic candidates for Clerk and Freeholder are walking door to door in Somerville this weekend to speak to voters about residents' concerns and tell their vision for a stronger Somerset County.  They look forward to talking with you and have been in every town in the county talking about the issues and will be in your town soon.

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Check out this great ad from our county candidates!

Steve Peter, Alex Avellan and Shanel Robinson have the right priorities for a stronger Somerset Countyfranklin_ad.jpg

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We Have Great Canvassers Out There Making a Difference!

20171008_111106.jpgWant to help fire the first shot across the Christie/Trump bow? Help elect Democratic council members, Freeholders and legislators where Trump vacations the most -- SOMERSET COUNTY NJ!

We will elect dozens of Democrats in 2017 to get us ready to take the House in 2018!

We have volunteer positions for canvassers and phone bankers six days a week, and also paid canvassers weekday evenings and weekend days.

Work as little or as much as you can! Just a day or two into the election, or every day. it is up to you.
If you are interested, just write to Jacob Rudolph of Victory 2017 or call (862) 222-7767.
141 W Main St
Somerville, NJ 08876-2202


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