Gallagher and Levine Lie About Shanel, Break State Ethics Laws.

The Republican Party is spending tens of thousands of dollars spreading lies about Air Force Veteran and Freeholder candidate Shanel Robinson. The falsely accuse her of ethics violations they are guilty of!  Read below to get the facts, then write a letter, post to Facebook, and come volunteer for the campaign.

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Of course, that's nothing new for the GOP, led by Donald Trump and Chris Christie who have their own issues with the truth, and now Kim Guadagno is using what the Star Ledger calls a "slanderous ad" against Ambassador Phil Murphy.

The Somerset County GOP has mailed this false accusation against Councilwoman Shanel Robinson at least three times in order to protect Gallagher and Levine and the GOP stranglehold on county government. They are lying about Shanel in order to hide their failed record of presiding over the 7th highest property taxes in the nation.

The worst part about this lie is that Shanel is innocent of the charges, and they are both guilty of filing late!

That's right -- the only candidates breaking New Jersey's ethic laws are Brian Levine and Brian Gallagher.  They can't defend their record, so they went right to the GOP Playbook of lies and fake attacks.

Get the details on the GOP Playback page.