Stand Up To The Christie/Trump Playbook


  Tell the New Jersey and Somerset County GOP to Stop Lying, and Apologize For Following the Christie/Trump Playbook

52 people stood up to the christie/trump playbooks

 The New Jersey and Somerset County Republican organizations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to spread lies and innuendo about Somerset County Freeholder candidates Shanel Robinson and Alex Avellan. These lies are part of the Christie/Trump playbook using racial code words, repeated lies and spun truth to divide people who should be standing together.

The State and County GOP accuse Shanel of violating state ethics laws by not filing financial reports, then put pictures of the reports on their attack mailer! But the truth is Shanel has not only filed every required ethics report, but done so on time. The only Freeholder candidates who have filed late are Republicans Brian Levine and Brian Gallagher, who were both late 42 days in 2014, and again Gallagher was late in 2016. Get all the facts and links to the reports on The GOP Playbook.

The hit piece against Alex states, "Alex Avellan doesn't own a home in Somerset County nor does he pay property taxes here." More than 25 percent of Somerset County residents live in homes owned by someone else, yet Gallagher and Levine mailed out literature saying that not owning a home risks the "special quality of life" in Somerset County. This slanted and dishonest attack is more proof that the Somerset County GOP is out of touch with the lives of Somerset County residents.  For some reason they think that being a renter is a bad thing, or that not being able to purchase a home due to college and law school debt is a negative! Get all the facts at GOP Attacks Avellan.

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