GOP Attacks Avellan

The Somerset County GOP has been sending out dishonest hit pieces using selective information, false accusations and sometimes outright lies to attack Alex Avellan, Shanel Robinson and Steve Peter.  Here are their claims, and then the facts.

The hit piece against Alex states, "Alex Avellan doesn't own a home in Somerset County nor does he pay property taxes here."

More than 25 percent of Somerset County residents live in homes owned by someone else, yet Gallagher and Levine mailed out literature saying that not owning a home risks the "special quality of life" in Somerset County.

This slanted and dishonest attack is more proof that the Somerset County GOP is out of touch with the lives of Somerset County residents.  For some reason they think that being a renter is a bad thing, or that not being able to purchase a home due to college and law school debt is a negative!

FACT: More than 25% of Somerset County residents live in a home owned by someone else, and don’t pay property taxes.  The Somerset County GOP apparently thinks these constituents are second class citizens, and not worth caring about or supporting.  Alex will work for everyone in Somerset County, not just those wealthy enough to own a home.

FACT: Alex earned a law degree and could have moved anywhere, but chose to come back to Somerset County to make a life. At a time when young professionals are leaving the county due to the nation’s 7th highest property taxes, he should be applauded instead of vilified.

FACT: Alex Avellan grew up in Somerset County, and attended Ridge High School. After college, Alex attended law school in New York, and while he was there he registered to vote as any good citizen should.  After graduating with significant college and law school debt – something every parent and student knows is a major issue -- he moved back to his home town to begin his career.  But the Somerset County GOP (who have cut funding to our community college 9% over the past five years while tuition and fees have risen 38%!) don’t care about the hardships faced by your Somerset County residents.

The second GOP attack against Alex also attempts to make the son of a Venezuelan father seem an outsider by noting that he was once registered in New York state, where he went to college.

FACT: Brett Radi is running for reelection for County Clerk, and part of that job is running the elections and knowing who is and who is not registered to vote in Somerset County. Alex Avellan is not only registered to vote in Bernardsville, but Brett Radi certified his votes for the 2016 presidential and 2017 primary elections.  Either Brett doesn’t know what his office is doing, or he is dishonestly misrepresenting Alex’s record.