GOP Playbook of Lies And Fake Attacks


The Republican Party is spending tens of thousands of dollars spreading lies about Air Force Veteran and Freeholder candidate Shanel Robinson. The falsely accuse her of ethics violations they are guilty of!  Read below to get the facts, then write a letter, post to Facebook, and come volunteer for the campaign.

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The Republican Party is spending tens of thousands of dollars (and probably more) spreading lies about Air Force Veteran and Freeholder candidate Shanel Robinson. 

Levine and Robinson Lie like RepublicansFACT: In 2013, New Jersey state law required all elected officials to file Financial Disclosure Statements by April 30th of each year.

FACT: In 2014, both Gallagher [link to form] and Levine [link to form] filed their FDS on June 12, a full 42 days late, in violation of state ethics law.

FACT: In 2016, April 30th was on a Saturday, and the reporting deadline was extended to the next business day, May 2. Councilwoman Shanel Robinson filed her report on time, on May 1 [link to form]. Somerville Mayor Brian Gallagherfiled his report late, violating state ethics laws for the second time in three years, on May 5 [link to form].

FACT: In 2017, Chris Christie's Department of Community Affairs decided to "extend the filing deadline, due to the delay in opening the 2017 FDS system for filers," to May 31 [LFN announcement]. The extension was to May 30, the day Shanel Robinson [link to form].

FACT: Gallagher and Levine have both violated New Jersey ethics law regarding financial disclosure for elected officials.  Air Force veteran Shanel Robinson has honorably followed the law, despite the Gallagher/Levine lies.

FACT: Gallagher and Levine lied.  And falsely accused an Air Force Veteran of ethics violations they themselves are guilty of.

Of course, that's nothing new for the GOP, led by Donald Trump and Chris Christie who have their own issues with the truth, and now Kim Guadagno is using what the Star Ledger calls a "slanderous ad" against Ambassador Phil Murphy.

The Somerset County GOP has mailed this false accusation against Councilwoman Shanel Robinson at least three times in order to protect Gallagher and Levine and the GOP stranglehold on county government. They are lying about Shanel in order to hide their failed record of presiding over the 7th highest property taxes in the nation.

The worst part about this lie is that Shanel is innocent of the charges, and they are both guilty of filing late!

That's right -- the only candidates breaking New Jersey's ethic laws are Brian Levine and Brian Gallagher.  They can't defend their record, so they went right to the GOP Playbook of lies and fake attacks.

You can view the hit piece mailed to tens of thousands of Somerset County voters.


“Outrageous attacks that have recently been directed at Ms. Shanel Robinson’s character are not only false, but are simply more of the Republican’s baseless character assassination attempts that are tearing our country apart,” said Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Saunders, Sr., pastor of North Stelton AME Church, Piscataway, New Jersey.  “I’ve known Shanel since she served in the United States Air Force in the 1990s, and she has always demonstrated unwavering integrity and commitment to the community.  She is reliable, responsible and willing and able to serve!”

“I have known Councilwoman Shanel Robinson for eight years. We worked closely together on a number of Community Projects with much success,” said Alvin P. Levine, retired Partner in the CPA Firm, Rosenberg, Rich, Baker, Berman & Company. “I have always found her to be a person of the highest moral character and happily vouch for her in that regard.”

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