Hate Has No Home Here

July 18, 2018

Statement Against Hate
Somerset County Democratic Committee

The Somerset County Democratic Committee is outraged at the racist flyers posted in our County.

Although the flyer does not mention the President, it is his incendiary, divisive, racist statements that have given voice to these white supremacists.

His unwillingness to denounce the Charlottesville neo-Nazis has encouraged and normalized public displays of bigotry.

We call upon our Republican elected officials to do more than pass toothless resolutions and to take steps to stop this behavior.

Our first amendment does not protect hate speech.

Full Article Follows:

SOMERSET COUNTY, NJ — Local community members are coming together to take action after white supremacy fliers were found in Bedminster, Bridgewater, Somerville and other nearby towns.

The fliers promoting "Identity Evropa" was initially found by a runner in Bedminster near the intersection of Route 202/206 and Burnt Mills Road on Saturday.

Identity Evropa states on its website that it is "a group of patriotic American Identitarians who have realized that we are descended from the great traditions, history, and people that flowed from Europe. We embrace the idea that our identities are central to who we are, and take pride in our history and rich cultural heritage. At a time when every other group is free to stand behind its identity, we choose to assert ours as well."

This group has been identified by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a white supremacy group.

Admin of the Not In Our Town - Bridgewater/Raritan Facebook group (which serves as an outlet for residents to express concerns within their community) Stacey Katz Friedlander posted the photo in the group, which generated much response.

Others reported seeing fliers placed on cars at the Bridgewater Commons Mall, inside books at the Somerville Library, and more places throughout the county.

Friedlander found that Identity Evropa had a Twitter page where they boasted about where they posted their fliers. So she contacted the police and they went around removing the fliers.

Friedlander also contacted the ADL to find out how she and other residents could address this issue as a community. She is looking to create a campaign to figure out how to respond to situations like this. She is also looking to get locals to also reach out to their political officials and tell them about the fliers.

The first event was held on Monday evening at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Somerset Hills where locals came together to talk about this issue.

Another meeting is being held Wednesday night at 7 p.m. in Basking Ridge where representatives from ADL and other anti-racism groups will speak. Karen Gaffney, professor at Raritan Valley Community College and the author of "Dismantling the Racism Machine" will also be speaking as well.

The meeting is being hosted by Pat Sodolak, leader of We The People NJ-07. Sodolak is hoping to come up with ways to respond to situations like this and also find ways to be proactive to avoid this from happening again.

Anyone who would like to attend the Wednesday night meeting can contact Sodolak at [email protected].

"No matter what politician party you are, hate has no home here," Friedlander said.