Letter to Editor

Bridgewater Republican Mathew Moench, recently endorsed a new Republican Somerset County Chair by stating this individual, Tim Howes, would stay “true to our Republican values.”

This is particularly egregious for as we have seen from the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, the party’s values are hatred, bigotry, racism while attacking the very foundation of our Republic.

Is this what Somerset County Republicans think the citizens of Somerset County want from their elected leaders? 

When Donald Trump comes to Bedminster, will Moench, Howes and their fellow Somerset County Republicans roll out the red carpet or call out his divisiveness, deception, and denial of reality even as the country remains traumatized by COVID-19?

Those who believe in Republican values, while their leader is Donald Trump, should be ashamed, and be prepared to hear in November from the voters of Somerset County, what are their true values.


Michael Goldberg

Secretary – Somerset County Democratic Committee

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