Media Reports Steve Peter's Historic Somerset County Clerk Run

grand_peter.jpgNo Somerset County Democrat has won a county office since Michael Ceponis won a Freeholder seat in 1979 -- until this Tuesday when Somerville Council President Steve Peter defeated County Clerk Brett Radi.  

Courier NewsThe most shocking result of the evening came when Somerville Borough Councilman Steve Peter defeated Republican incumbent Brett Radi in the race for Somerset County clerk. Peter defeated Radi 43,511 to 43,383.

With his victory, Peter becomes the first Democrat to hold a countywide office in Somerset County in more than three decades since the late Michael Ceponis, also a former Somerville councilman, served one term as freeholder.

Home News: Election 2017 a Dem night to remember Somerset County Democrats should be thrilled today, and not just because of the inroads in the 16th, which includes seven county municipalities. Dems also broke through for a major county office for the first time in decades, as Somerville Councilman Steve Peter bested incumbent county clerk Brett Radi. Incumbent freeholders Brian Levine and Brian Gallagher overcame their own challenges, but only by a couple of percentage points, raising Dem hopes for 2018 and beyond.

TAPInto SomervilleMajor Upset: County Clerk Brett Radi Defeated by Somerville Council President Steve Peter Democrat Steve Peter, president of the Borough Council, upset incumbent Republican County Clerk Brett Radi by a narrow 128-vote margin in Tuesday’s election for a 5-year term.

PoliticoNJSomerset, that staid GOP land of country clubs (including President Trump’s) and horse farms, narrowly voted for Murphy. Democrats even picked the county clerk site — their first county-wide win in Somerset since 1979. Sure, Somerset's been trending blue in national elections, but not recent gubernatorial elections.

InsiderNJ: Steve Peter wins Clerk's Office Clerk (D) Steve Peter 50% Breaking: Newcomer democrat Steve Peter of Somerville won the county clerk seat There were two candidates vying for one five-year term as county clerk. Incumbent republican Brett A. Radi of Somerville lost with 43,383 votes while newcomer democrat Steve Peter of Somerville got 43,511.

NJ.comA new clerk in Somerset County For the first time in more than three decades a Democrat will hold one of the top elected positions in Somerset County. Somerville Council President Steve Peter will be the new Somerset County clerk after defeating incumbent Republican Brett Radi by 128 votes.