- Somerset County Municipal Chairs -

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Bedminster (pop. 8221)
Jeff Beyer <jbeyer@enhancetech.com>
Facebook: Bedminster Democratic Committee
Website: BedminsterDems.org

Bernards Township (pop. 26,849)
Liz Graner <info@btdems.org>
Facebook: Bernards Township Democratic Committee
Website: BTDems.org

 Bernardsville (pop. 7766)
Bob Frawley <rdf@law-corp.com>
Facebook: Bernardsville Democrats
Website: BernardsvilleDemocrats.org

Bound Brook (pop. 10,607)
Tony Pranzatelli <tpranzatelli@verizon.net>
Facebook: Bound Brook Democrats
(be careful to avoid Bound Brook Democrats "public page"; that is not their page!)

Branchburg (pop. 14,547)
Siva Mathusoodana <siva.math@gmail.com>
Facebook: Branchburg Democrats

Website: <BranchburgDemocrats.org>

Bridgewater (pop. 44,845)
Regina Wellman <rwellman13@yahoo.com>

Facebook: Bridgewater NJ Democrats
Website: <BridgewaterNJDems>

Far Hills (pop. 1101)
Johanna McCarten <johannamccarten@gmail.com>
Facebook: Far Hills Democrats

Franklin (pop. 64,243)
Ron Jordan <jrd985@aol.com>

Facebook: Franklin Township Democrats

Website: FTDems.org

Green Brook (pop. 7183)
Melonie Marano <mkmarano@optonline.net>

Facebook: Green Brook Democrats

Website: GreenBrookDemocrats.org

Hillsborough (pop. 39,064)

Bill Dondiego <billdondiego@gmail.com >

Facebook: Hillsborough Democrats

Website: HillsboroughDemocrats.org

Manville (pop. 10,426)
Ron Skirkanish 
Facebook: Manville Democrats

Website: ManvilleNJDems.com

Millstone (pop. 461)
Mayor Ray Heck <rheck42@aol.com>

Facebook: Millstone Township Democratic Organization

Website: MillstoneDems.org

Montgomery (pop. 22,529)
Paul Blodgett
Facebook: Montgomery Democratic Organization

Website: MontgomeryDemsNJ.org

North Plainfield (pop. 22,056)
Mayor Janice Allen <npmayor46@gmail.com>

 North Plainfield Democrats
Website: NPDemsClub.org

Peapack/Gladstone (pop. 2580)
Kate Rizzo <pgdemocrats@gmail.com>

 Peapack Gladstone Democratic Committee

Raritan (pop. 7318)
Pablo Orozco <raritannj.democrats@gmail.com

Rocky Hill (pop. 554)
Billy Dawson <billydmail@gmail.com>
Facebook: Rocky Hill Democrats

Somerville (pop. 12,175)
Fred Wied <fwied5@gmail.com>

Facebook: Somerville Democrats

Website: SomervilleNJDemocrats.org

South Bound Brook (pop. 4585)
Marie Scannell <mariescan@verizon.net>

Facebook: South Bound Brook Democrats

Warren Township (pop. 15,729)
Patti O'Byrne <pattiob@optonline.net>

 Warren Township Dems

Watchung Borough (pop. 5855)
Lou Beckerman<lbeckerman@beckermanco.com>

 Watchung NJ Democratic Committee

- County Dems Executive Committee -

Peg Schaffer, Chair
Somerset County Democratic Committee

Zenon Christodoulou, Vice Chair
Somerset County Democratic Committee

James Garrity, Executive Director, and Treasurer 
Somerset County Democratic Committee

Carol Shields, Membership
Somerset County Democratic Committee

Lauren Gaustella, Digital Media/Website
Somerset County Democratic Committee

Nancy D'Andrea, Recording Secretary
Somerset County Democratic Committee

Michael Goldberg, Corresponding Secretary
Somerset County Democratic Committee


- State Committee Representatives -

Joel Shain
Committee Member
NJ State Democratic Party

Roberta Karpinecz
Committee Member
NJ State Democratic Party

Janice Allen
Committee Member
NJ State Democratic Party

Michael Goldberg
Committee Member
NJ State Democratic Party

Somerset County Interactive Map

Somerset County's 21 municipalities encompass 305 square miles.

Historically, the county developed along the Raritan River, railroad, and historic highway corridors.

Today, historic villages and traditional towns are scattered throughout the county among agricultural farms. Livable and dense town centers augment the surrounding suburban residential and rural areas. 

All these features come together to create the diversity of landscapes, communities, and people that make Somerset County a beautiful place to live. 

Access municipal pages for every town in Somerset County, with the exception of Far Hills, by clicking on the map.


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