Somerset County Democratic Committee Hires New Executive Director

Somerville, NJ – Following resounding Democratic victories up and down the ballot in the 2020 election, the Somerset County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that it has hired a new Executive Director, Louis Danowsky, to continue growing the organization in the increasingly Democratic county now entirely represented by Democrats on its Board of County Commissioners. Danowsky’s predecessor, James Garrity, is leaving to complete his undergraduate degree and take Assessment Administration courses at Rutgers University.

Danowsky, a recent graduate of Northwestern University, began his career in politics as a Field Organizer on Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign.

“It’s a real honor to be able to lead this organization,” Danowsky said. “Peg Schaffer has built a robust and growing Democratic party in Somerset County during her tenure as County Chair, and I’m excited to keep that momentum going as we prepare for important elections this year from the local to the gubernatorial level.”

Danowsky, who is also an active arranger, music director, and multi-instrumentalist, says his approach to politics was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“After seeing the damage bad leadership can do in a time of crisis, and how that damage permeates through all corners of our society, I realized how vital it is to run and elect thoughtful, competent, and inspiring leaders to all levels of our government,” he remarked. “The pandemic ignited in me what I am sure will be a lifelong commitment to civic engagement and community activism.”

“While I am sorry to see James Garrity go, we are happy to see him finish his studies and wish him continued success,” said Somerset County Democratic Chair Peg Schaffer. “I am delighted to welcome Louis Danowsky as our new Executive Director. The detail-oriented study of music and the necessity to wear many hats in that industry parlays nicely into helming this broad, diverse, and fast-growing organization. Furthermore, his experience on the most recent Presidential campaign, which faced unprecedented disruption due to the pandemic, will be invaluable as we adapt and innovate our organizing and outreach strategies to this new normal.”

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