Malinowski Wins by 16,200 Votes

Democrat Tom Malinowski defeated Rep. Leonard Lance by 16,200 votes in his bid for New Jersey’s 7th district congressional seat.   Final results released by the New Jersey Secretary of State show Malinowski unseating the five-term Republican congressman by a 51.7%-46.7% margin.   Two independent candidates combined for 1.5% of the vote.   Lance dropped 7.38% from his 2016 total and 12.56% from 2014.   Malinowski carried the Union County portion of his district by 13,567 votes (58%-41%), and won Somerset by 8,758 votes (54%-45%). In Millburn, the only Essex town in the 7th, Malinowski won 69% of the vote with a plurality of 3,503.   Lance won Hunterdon by 5,970 votes (54%-44%), Morris by 2,160 (52%-47%), and Warren by 1,498 (54%-43%).   In the 2014 mid-term election, Lance carried Hunterdon by 10,309, Morris by 6,855, and Warren by 2,207. He also won Somerset by 11,452 and Union by 5,267.   In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried the 7th by one percentage point, 48%-47%. Four years earlier, Mitt Romney had won by a 53%-47% margin over Barack Obama.   Malinowski served as an Assistant U.S. Secretary of State in the Obama administration and worked in the Clinton White House.

Democrats Make History in Somerset County Freeholder Race

Somerset County Democrats had an amazing Election Cycle in the Midterms of 2018. 1) For the first time in 40 years, Democrats won two seats on the Somerset County Freeholder Board. Congratulations, Deputy Mayor Shanel Robinson and Somerset County School Board official Sara Sooy, who won seats on the Somerset County Freeholder Board. Shanel is the first African American and Sara is the first Latina to serve on the SCFB. When they take office in January, along with GOP Freeholder Pat Walsh, they will make up the first majority of woman in SCFB history. 2) Bob Menendez won 51% of the Somerset County vote. 3) Tom Malinowski won 52% of the Somerset County CD7 vote unseating incumbent Leonard Lance; first Democrat to win the House seat after 37 years. 4) Bonnie Watson Coleman won 68% of the CD12 vote. 5) Linda Carter won 67% of the LD22 vote. 6) Dr Jeff Hammond, first-time candidate, won another seat for Bernardsville. 7) Joan Harris won a Council seat in Bernards Township; the first time a Dem has won a seat in 20 years! 8) Vinnie Petti, Brad Galeta and Robert Dixon won Council seats in Bound Brook. 9) Patricia Zamorski won a Council seat in Manville. 10) Ray Heck won the Mayor’s office in Millstone with 86% of the vote. 11) Cat Gural and Marvin Schuldiner won Council seats in Montgomery, giving Democrats control of the town government. 12) Democrats Wendy Schaefer, Larry LaRonde, Everett Merrill, Doug Singleterry and Aimee Corzo swept five Council seats in North Plainfield. 13) Jamie Murphy won a seat on the Peapack/Gladstone Council, the second Democrat in two year to win there. 14) Robert Uhrik won the Mayor’s chair in Rocky Hill, Tom Malinowski’s home town. 15) Dennis Sullivan, 15 years after losing the Mayor’s office by THREE VOTES, won by almost 600 votes in Somerville. Tom Mitchell and RanD Pitts won reelection to the Somerville Council. 16) Alison Fetten and Elizabeth Konkle won seats on the South Bound Brook Council. 17) And last – but in many ways not only not least but most – Democrats swept in Watchung! Keith Balla will be the new Mayor, and Lindsay Goodloe and Daryl Eisenberg Knegten will join the Borough Council. We won this year because all 29 campaigns worked together and supported each other. I’m proud of everyone who worked this year, from phone bankers to canvassers to campaign managers to candidates. Thank you all for your tireless efforts, and your reward is more work to win in 2019! Sincerely, Peg Schaffer, ChairSomerset County Democratic Committee Congratulations, Newly-Elected Freeholders, Shanel Robinson and Sara Sooy!   

Malinowski Defeats Lance

Democrat Tom Malinowski continued his party's dominance in New Jersey on Tuesday, defeating Republican five-time incumbent Leonard Lance for the House of Representatives District 7 seat in New Jersey, according to news projections. The Washington Post and The Associated Press called the race at 11:30 p.m. Malinowski had 136,993, or 50.3 percent, to 48.2 percent for Lance, who had 131,149 with 96 percent of the precincts reporting. Heading into the election, Politico rated the race as a "toss-up." The district went from a seat Mitt Romney won by 6 points in 2012, to a 1-point Hillary Clinton district in 2016, accoridng to Politico. Indeed, CNN rated the contest as one of the top ones to watch as Democrats seek control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 8 years.  

Republican Solar Fiasco Costs Somerset County Taxpayers Millions

REPUBLICAN SOLAR FIASCO COSTS SOMERSET COUNTY TAXPAYERS MILLIONS In 2011, the Freeholders in Sussex, Morris and Somerset Counties (all Republicans by the way) entered a convoluted plan to finance solar project installation throughout municipalities in their respective counties. The plan was based on rosy projections of the value of solar energy credits, timetables for construction that were untenable, and the guarantees by the counties (meaning taxpayers) for the bonds being issued to construct the projects. This plan fell apart as the values of the solar energy credits plummeted and construction was more complicated than anticipated, resulting in delays.  A third party brought in to manage the project -SunLight - and the company contracted to install the panels - Mas-Tec - got entangled in a complicated legal mess that ultimately resulted in Mas-Tec winning a 52 Million Dollar arbitration claim against Sunlight.  So, as guarantors of the issued bonds, the counties were brought into the legal squabble as participating parties. When it became apparent SunLight could not pay its obligations, the counties were left holding the bag. They ultimately made a settlement with Mas-Tec so SunLight would not go into bankruptcy, creating another set of problems (Sun Light was able to obtain Federal Solar Energy Credits which may have been lost in any bankruptcy). In Somerset County, this resulted in additional taxpayer exposure of 6.75 Million Dollars, financed over many years.  And the counties are still liable for paying the original bonds. Somerset County Freeholders have portrayed the settlement as a win for the county.  It is hardly that. It does end a potentially protracted legal battle, but this was a battle that should never have needed to be fought.  Had there been better planning, oversight and financial safeguards built into the original agreements this never would have occurred and taxpayers would not be on the hook for these additional dollars. If all this sounds complicated, it is.  And this is one of the reasons why the project failed.  In fact, Sussex County brought on outside counsel to review the whole process (from Sussex’s perspective but there is plenty of overlap into how Morris and Somerset proceeded) and the findings were included in a 62-page report that basically blasted the entire concept and how it was developed and implemented. There is no record of Somerset County doing an independent review of this project.   Without it, Somerset County Residents have 6.75 million questions that need answering.  Not just a press release from the people who put the whole debacle together in the first place.

Caliguire & Scaglione Blow-Off Moms Demand Action

On Saturday, October 13th, the Somerset County chapter of Moms Demand Action (MDA), a grassroots movement fighting for public safety measures that can protect children from gun violence, held a community forum to discuss ways to address recent events and prevent them from happening in the future. The incumbent Republican Somerset County Freeholders were invited to attend as well as their Democratic Challengers, Shanel Robinson and Sara Sooy. The Republicans, at the last minute, chose to ignore the invitation and not attend. Robinson and Sooy were present. “We are disappointed but not surprised that the Republicans did not show,” stated Sooy. “Shanel and I attended to listen to the passionate concerns the moms expressed and their thoughts on this serious issue.”  “This was not a political event. We were all there to learn from each other.  Sara and I shared our thoughts but most importantly we listened.  It is a shame that officials, elected by Somerset County residents, chose not to attend,” Stated Robinson. Instead, the Freeholders sent a letter that many felt was ambiguous and failed to address the concerns voiced by the MDA. The letter was read to the group. “In not attending, the Freeholders missed an opportunity to be involved with the community in a meaningful way. Sara and I were grateful to take part in this discussion and look forward to doing so again in the future,” said Robinson.

Somerset County Freeholders Use Taxpayer Money for Campaign

“They're stealing our money” charged Peg Schaffer, Somerset County Democratic Chair, when she saw the all Republican Freeholder Boards “special issue” Newsletter. While the Newsletter includes some information regarding other members of the Board and its calendar, the primary focus of the Newsletter is to tout the alleged “achievements” of the two freeholders up for election this year. New Jersey law is clear that this Newsletter is a reportable political communication. The Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) deems a communication “political” if it’s circulated within 90 days of the election to an audience eligible to  vote containing reference to the “governmental achievements or objectives” of a candidate and is circulated with the candidate’s consent (N.J.A.C. 19:25- 10.10b). This special issue meets the test and is thus a reportable contribution to Freeholder candidates Scaglione and Caliguire. By law they are required to disclose who paid for the Newsletter and report it as a contribution. The special issue was mailed and paid for by the Freeholder Board, whose sole source of income is public money i.e. our money. Both the report to ELEC and the Newsletter should read “PAID FOR BY DOLLARS STOLEN FROM RESIDENTS OF SOMERSET COUNTY.” Schaffer called upon Scaglione and Caliguire to properly report the expenditures and repay the dollars. The link to the Newsletter is below. This charge has been forwarded to ELEC, the Office of the Attorney General, and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office.

Somerset County Democrats support changing 'freeholder' title

Two Democrats who are running for Somerset County Freeholder this year would rather be running for county commissioner.                                                                                           Following the passage of a bi-partisan bill by the state Senate that would replace the title freeholder with county commissioner, Democratic candidates Shanel Robinson of Franklin Township and Sara Sooy of Bernardsville have challenged the current members of the Somerset County freeholder board to adopt a resolution supporting the bill’s passage in the General Assembly.   In a press release, the Democrats say the term freeholder dates back to the 18th Century and referred to office holders being comprised of debt-free property owners – which at the time were exclusively white males. They further note that New Jersey remains one of the last states in the country to still use the term. “Words and titles definitely matter, but this isn’t only about replacing a term rooted in racism and sexism,” said Robinson. “In a larger sense it’s about your willingness to adapt and change with the times, and it’s also about the fact the average taxpayer has no idea what a freeholder is or does. Updating the title to county commissioner is a smart way to promote transparency and increase civic participation.” “This is another missed opportunity by those in charge of Somerset County government to step up and modernize with the times,” said Sooy. “The Board of Chosen Freeholders has a tremendous role in addressing our everyday infrastructure needs, shaping educational opportunities for college students, and prioritizing projects that could produce sustained economic development in our communities. We need to increase awareness among taxpayers of that role, and by retiring this ridiculously outdated title, we can begin that conversation anew.” 'Race Card' The Republican response to the Democrats came from Al Gaburo, chairman of the Somerset County GOP, who downplayed the importance of the issue in an Aug. 2 email to this newspaper. “If the state legislature decided to pass a law changing the title of a countywide office holder in New Jersey they are free to do so and obviously the county would comply,'' he said. "However, the fact that the Democrat freeholder candidates think this is the issue keeping taxpayers up at night demonstrates how wildly out of touch they are with reality.'' He added that while Robinson and Sooy "shamefully try to play the race card,'' their opponents, Republican incumbents Patrick Scaglione and Mark Caliguire, "will stay focused on holding down county property taxes, maintaining our Triple A credit rating, and investing in key priorities like preserving open space, improving education and fixing roads and bridges.” The four are vying for two, three-year terms on the all-Republican freeholder board in the Tuesday, Nov. 6, general election. A copy of the bill that would change the freeholder title, S-402, can be found on the web at FULL ARTICLE HERE:

Hate Has No Home Here

July 18, 2018 Statement Against HateSomerset County Democratic Committee The Somerset County Democratic Committee is outraged at the racist flyers posted in our County. Although the flyer does not mention the President, it is his incendiary, divisive, racist statements that have given voice to these white supremacists. His unwillingness to denounce the Charlottesville neo-Nazis has encouraged and normalized public displays of bigotry. We call upon our Republican elected officials to do more than pass toothless resolutions and to take steps to stop this behavior. Our first amendment does not protect hate speech. Full Article Follows: Continue reading

Photo of the Week

Somerset County Democratic Committee Chair Peg Schaffer welcomed President Donald J. Trump back to New Jersey this afternoon at a rally protesting the President’s family separation policy.     Continue reading

Malinowski for Congress HQ Opening

CD7 Democratic Challenger Malinowski Formally Opens his Main Headquarters with Pallone By Insider NJ | May 12, 2018, 3:25 pm | in The Diner Booth Continue reading