Randal Pinckett Blasts Trump/Christie Playbook

Dr. Randal Pinkett knows the Trump/Christie playbook, having won season four of The Apprentice with Donald Trump at the helm.  He is also a Somerset County resident, and had the following to say about the Democratic ticket of Steve Peter, Alex Avellan and Shanel Robinson xthe lies hurled at them by the Republicans.  Here is his statement:

“The Somerset County ticket of Shanel Robinson, Alexander Avellan, and Steve Peter truly reflects the diversity of Somerset County. To have an African American woman, Latino man, and white man running for office of such character and integrity should make us proud of our political process. They not only represent diverse backgrounds but also the diverse experiences needed to bring Somerset County together. Unfortunately, their opposition has resorted to innuendo, untruths, and attacks that seek to divide us rather than unite us. The time has come for this kind of politics to stop, and for everyone to be reflected and represented in our county government.”

Dr. Randal Pinkett, Somerset Resident
Chairman and CEO, BCT Partners