Republicans silent on president’s attack of 22,000 adult Jews in Somerset County.

[Somerville, NJ] - Americans of conscience were dismayed this week when the President of the United States labelled the vast majority of Jewish adults in the United States as “disloyal” solely for their political support of his opponents, and then a day later repeated the slur. These are the kinds of words that have been used for centuries to marginalize, and sometimes eliminate, Jewish peoples.
One's political party should have no bearing on calling out appalling statements like this. This is not about support of a party or a candidate, but support of the American ideals of freedom of assembly, freedom of worship and freedom of speech.
Yet so few Republicans – including Somerset County Republicans and their candidates -- are willing to speak out against the repeated and egregious attacks on minority races, religions and populations by the President. They are silent on the president’s attacks on the 22,000 adult Jews in Somerset County.
Pat Walsh and Bill Parenti, the GOP candidates for Freeholder and Sheriff, were happy to use the President’s Bedminster golf course for a fundraiser earlier this month, and Walsh proudly attended the NJ GOP’s “Woman of the Year” event at another Trump golf course soon after.
Walsh also pledged in May to “speak up to challenge bigotry in any form” at a Freeholder meeting, but has yet to do so when it comes to her party’s leader.
Bill Parenti serves in North Plainfield which is home to the only Yeshiva in Somerset County, yet he is silent on the president’s comments on Jewish “disloyalty.”
It’s time to end the silence, and call out anti-Semitism and bigotry from the highest ranks of their party.