Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus Applaud the Selection of Senator Harris as Candidate for Vice President

The Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus has supported Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, in the past. We are delighted with her selection. We urge everyone including all Asian Americans to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket and the entire Democratic line. It is a historic moment for all Asian Americans, our own Kamala Devi Harris is running. She is a first-generation daughter, raised by an Asian American immigrant mother, the late Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris a cancer researcher, from Chennai India. She has achieved this high opportunity to serve and possibly more awaits her in the future, with everyone’s support. This could only happen in America. We could not be more excited to campaign for the Biden-Harris team now, and urge everyone to vote for them on Election Day Tuesday, November 3rd. This will be the real, positive change that America and Somerset County need to correct the racial divide in America. This is a historic and bold decision by Vice President Biden and he should be rewarded for it.  – Rajiv Prasad Chairman of the Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus.