Somerset County Democratic Committee Black Caucus Chair, Tina Jalloh, Excited to Run with Biden/Harris Ticket

Seeing Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris standing on that stage together was a joy and is indicative of how the Democratic Party and our Nation are moving forward positively on issues of race and gender. Joe Biden has been a champion of civil rights issues for decades, and now we have a strong Black woman as his Vice Presidential nominee. Senator Kamala Harris has always fought to make a positive difference in the lives of the American people of all races, color, and economic groups.  As the Chairwoman of the Somerset County Democratic Black Caucus, as well as a Black woman running on the Biden-Harris ticket, I could not be more excited to campaign through Election Day on November 3rd, to bring real, positive change for the American people and the people of Somerset County. -- Tina Jalloh, 2020 candidate for Somerset County Surrogate and Chair of the Somerset County Democratic Black Caucus.