Somerset County Democratic Convention Lines Up Another Winning Team for the 2021 Elections

Somerset County Democratic Convention Lines Up Another Winning Team for the 2021 Elections

The OrganizationThrows Its Support to Proven Incumbents and Qualified Challengers Led by Governor Murphy and Commissioners Robinson and Sooy following all recommendations of the Screening Committee.

Somerville - Somerset County Democrats looks to extend and expand five years of wins with another strong team geared towards electoral success in 2021. The Somerset County Democratic ticket will be led county-wide by Governor Phil Murphy, Commissioner Director Shanel Robinson, and Commissioner Deputy Director Sara Sooy. 

“Democrats have proven for years that they are committed to the people of Somerset County, and during the past year of the pandemic crisis, they proved they are up to the task no matter how big the challenge,” said Somerset County Democratic Chair Peg Schaffer. “I’m honored to support and dedicated to fighting to ensure that next January we can continue to rely on Governor Murphy and Commissioners Robinson and Sooy to lead us out of the pandemic like they’ve led us during it. Together they will move us forward advancing the interests of all Somerset County residents.”

Governor Murphy and Commissioners Robinson and Sooy were endorsed by acclamation by the more than 200 Somerset County Democratic Committee members during the virtual convention. 

“Somerset County Democrats are unified behind the proven leadership of Governor Murphy and Commissioners Robinson and Sooy,” said Somerset County Democratic Vice Chair Zenon Christodoulou. “Their dedication over the past few years, and in particular during the COVID crisis, proves their unique qualifications and I will continue to do everything I can to win every seat that the Somerset County Democrats backed today.”

The Committee also endorsed the incumbent tickets in the 17th and 22nd districts, backing Senator Bob Smith and Assembly members Joe Egan and Somerset County favorite son Joe Danielsen in the 17th and Senator Nick Scutari and Assembly members Jim Kennedy and Linda Carter in the 22nd

In the 16th district, which saw more than a dozen candidates screen over the winter, the delegates unanimously selected Assemblymember Andrew Zwicker to run for Senate, Assemblymember and Hillsborough resident Roy Freiman and former Montgomery Mayor Sadaf Jaffer for Assembly. 

In the 21st district, Roselle Park Mayor Joseph Signorello III was selected to run for Senate, and Bernards Township’s Elizabeth Graner and attorney Scott Salmon won the right to represent the party for the Assembly spots.

In the 23rd district, the Borough of Lebanon’s Hope Kaufman and Nicholas LaBelle from Pittstown were selected to run for Assembly.  No candidate has yet stepped forward to run for State Senate.

Finally, in the 25th district, former candidate for Bernardsville Council Matthew Marino was selected to run for Assembly


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