Here is a list of the campaigns the Democrats won in Somerset County this year.  I want to be sure to thank every candidate, campaign manager, volunteer, district committee member and chair who put themselves out there this year.  Win or lose, you moved the needle for historic wins at levels from the municipal to the Governor’s office.

Without all of us, winning campaigns and those just short, we don’t have the historic wins listed below.

These wins and totals are taken from the Somerset County Clerk’s office results posted online.

Thank you for everything you did this cycle.  Celebrate our wins!



Governor-elect Phil Murphy won with 45,296 votes over Kim Guadagno’s 43,690.  That’s the first time a Democratic gubernatorial candidate has won county-wide!



Clerk-elect Steve Peter won with 43,511 votes over incumbent Brett Radi’s 43,383.  That’s the first county-wide win for the Democrats since 1979, and we think it’s the first time a Democrat has ever held the Clerk’s office. That is absolutely stunning, and so many worked to make this happen.  Thank you.


Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker won reelection and Assemblyman-elect Roy Freiman won significant victories after Andrew won by fewer than 100 votes in 2015. They ran a great campaign, and the support they received by our awesome local campaigns was integral to the win.  



Senator Bob Smith and Assembly members Joe Danielsen (Somerset’s own!) and Joe Egan won reelection easily.



Senator Nick Scutari and Assembly members Jerry Green and Jim Kennedy won reelection easily.



Councilmembers elect Christine Zamarra and Thomas O’Dea won an historic victory, taking two seats. This means that control of the Bernardsville Council could shift to Democrats in the next election. This is an amazing win by an organization that has been pitch-perfect all year. 



Councilman Abel Gomez won reelection to the Council and the Democrats maintained control in this vital Somerset County Community.



Ted Chase, Will Galtieri, Charles Onyejiaka, Carl Wright and James Vassanella all won their Ward Council races, but in an amazing feat or electoral strength they collectively won all 51 districts in the town. What an amazing win for the Franklin Democrats, and Franklin.



Comitteewoman-elect Sadaf Jaffer won a 3.5% victory a year after running a spirited write-in campaign.  The Montgomery Democratic Committee revitalized itself this year, and did an amazing job supporting not only their own candidate but LD16 candidates, the county ticket and the Murphy/Oliver campaign.



Councilwoman-elect Amy Dietrich won a resounding victory to take a seat in the formerly all-Republican Council. Amy worked incredibly hard and was the top vote recipient for two seats running without a partner.  Next year we’ll give her Democratic company on the Council!



Councilmember-elect Pablo Orozco won as the top vote recipient, and will take a seat on the Raritan Council in January.  With Council member Jim Foohey retiring after a long and storied career, this keeps Democratic representation in a very important town.



Councilmembers Billy Dawson and Robert Uhrik won reelection running on the ballots as Democrats, and registered Democrats Mayor Phil Kartsonis and Amy Kirtland won as Mayor and Councilmember as well. Rocky Hill traditionally honors its independence, but the voters recognize the quality of their candidates from our party.



Councilmember Dennis Sullivan and Councilmember-elect Fred Wied won huge 15 percent victories that were called almost as soon as the Murphy win was.  Fred lost by only 17 votes two years ago, and this really shows how hard work can pay off.  Dennis, of course, has been working hard for decades.



Councilmembers-elect Richard Eickhorst and Tony Gordon won both seats this year, and gave Democrats control of the Borough Council!  They worked really hard, and had a good team of volunteers behind them, and earned their win.