Statement from Peg Schaffer on the President's COVID status

Somerville - “NJ 101.5, a Pro Trump talk radio station reports that the President knew he, his staff, and his Secret Service protection had been exposed to -- in Air Force One’s enclosed cabin with recycled air! -- and may have contracted COVID-19 on Thursday morning, and instead of following CDC guidelines and isolating until his test came through Trump came to Somerset County and held an indoor, mask-free fundraiser with Central Jersey business, government, and political leaders."

"And this morning we wake up to learn that Trump was infected with COVID-19 while glad-handing his supporters in Bedminster."

“While this is completely irresponsible behavior for anyone, for the President of the United States to risk the health and lives of his own supporters, their families, their neighbors and the workers and wait staff at his club is unfathomably selfish."

“The Somerset County Department of Health must immediately begin contact tracing and identify everyone who was at the Bedminster Golf Club with President Trump and order them to self-isolate. If the Trump Campaign will not assist Somerset County in determining the risk to our residents, we call on the local Republican leadership to do so for the health of their own members and communities."

“We also call on Brian Levine, Brian Gallagher and Frank Bruno to publicly state whether they attended the fundraiser, and if so to self-isolate and campaign only virtually until it is determined if they contracted COVID. With only 32 days left until the election, it is irresponsible for elected officials who  are asking for another term not to be transparent with the public about this situation."

“I know several people who have passed from COVID-19, and even more who have suffered from this disease. It is no joke. It is not fake news. It has disrupted our society, our economy, and our politics."

“And it’s about time the Republican Party started taking it seriously. If the President himself contracting COVID doesn’t do it, nothing will."