Job Gains: Growing and remaining robust since 2011

Unemployment Rate: Steadily falling since 2011

Growth: Trump's record looks similar to Obama’s final few years in office. His tax cut and deregulatory push boosted growth in 2018, but that appears to be fading as business owners grow concerned about the trade war.

Middle Class Income: Growing as people get employment

Stock Market: Stocks soared under Obama, and he ended his White House tenure with one of the best gains of any president in modern history. Trump started out with a lot of love from Wall Street as well, especially with his tax cut, but stocks have moved sideways since he began his trade war.

Food Stamps: The numbers came down slightly under Obama, and the decline has accelerated under Trump as more Americans have obtained jobs and the requirements to remain on food stamps have tightened.

Manufacturing: Trump’s tax cuts helped boost manufacturing in 2018, but the president’s tariffs have since taken a toll, sending manufacturing into a “technical recession” in 2019.

Home Prices: Home prices bounced back at the end of Obama’s term and have continued a steady climb under Trump.

Gas Prices: For much of Obama’s second term and Trump’s first term, gas prices have remained under $3/gallon.

Federal Debt: At the end of Obama’s term, the annual deficit had declined considerably, but it has since jumped up again under Trump because of his tax cut and increased government spending.

Wages: Under Trump, average hourly pay has climbed and is now growing more than 3 percent a year for the first time in more than a decade. There’s debate about how much credit Trump deserves for this, but his tax cuts and the jump in business optimism probably played a role.

Consumer Confidence: Confidence in the economy has jumped since Trump’s election. This is an area where there has been a clear break from Obama, although experts debate how much of a difference it has made.

Trade Deficit: Trump campaigned on bringing the trade deficit down, but instead, it has grown during his tenure.

Uninsured Americans: The number of people without health insurance fell noticeably during Obama's tenure after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Progress has stalled under Trump, who attempted (unsuccessfully) to repeal Obamacare.

Business Investment: While there was a slight bounce in business spending in early 2018, it has since plunged (even turning negative in the spring of 2019), largely because of the trade war.