If you are interested in running for Freeholder of Somerset County, please email the Executive Director with a resume and 2-3 paragraphs on why you'd be a good candidate.

If interested in running for municipal office, please contact your municipal Democratic chair.

Democrats are proud to represent >75% of our population and >80% of our municipalities.

The 2019 Election will include the following races:

Assembly 16: 2 Members

Assembly 17: 2 Members

Assembly 21: 2 Members

Assembly 22: 2 Members

Assembly 23: 2 Members

Assembly 25: 2 Members

County: 1 Freeholder, 1 Sheriff

Bedminster: 2 Committee Members

Bernards Twp: 1 Committee Member

Bernardsville: 2 Council Members

Bound Brook: 1 Mayor, 1 Council Member

Branchburg: 2 Committee Members

Bridgewater: 1 Mayor, 2 Council Members

Far Hills: 2 Council Members

Franklin: 1 Mayor, 3 Council Members (at large)

Green Brook: 1 Committee Member

Hillsborough: 1 Committee Member

Manville: 1 Mayor, 2 Council Members

Millstone: 2 Council Members

Montgomery: 2 Committee Members

Peapack-Gladstone: 2 Council Members

Raritan: 1 Mayor, 2 Council Members

Rocky Hill: 3 Council Members

Somerville: 1 Mayor, 3 Council Members

South Bound Brook: 1 Mayor, 2 Council Members

Warren: 1 Committee Member

Watchung: 2 Council Members

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Posted June 4, 2019

The new voter registration numbers show New Jersey, already a Democratic-leaning state — is adding Democrats at a faster pace than Republicans.

But the GOP is far from obsolete in the Garden State and still maintains control in some counties.

Republicans are outnumbered by registered Democrats by more than 952,000, according to the latest statistics from the state’s Division of Elections.

As of the end of April, New Jersey had 2,248,377 registered Democrats and 1,295,672 Republicans.

In 2018, Democrats added 104,333 voters compared to the GOP’s 46,442, according to the data.

Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats in six of the state’s 21 counties, and there several other counties that are pretty evenly split.

While President Donald Trump lost New Jersey by 14 points to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016, nine counties tipped in the Republican’s favor. And in Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s landslide in the 2017′s governor’s race, eight counties went for Republican Kim Guadagno.

The largest bloc of New Jersey voters — 2,386,959 to be exact — have not formally claimed any party affiliation. But pollsters who know such things say the breakdown of these unaffiliated voters is pretty close to the Democrat/Republican split. In some counties, the number of unaffiliated voters went down as some declared themselves to be either Democrat or Republican.

Read the full article, including all NJ Counties, HERE!

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