You Need A Voice

For 35 years, the Somerset County Republicans have held every seat on the Somerset County Freeholder Board.  Not having anyone to question them, to challenge their ideas has led to a lazy, get along to go along board running our county. 

The Somerset County Freeholders negotiated a 99 year lease to give away this 33,000 square foot mansion, a five-star restaurant, a working organic farm and 90 acres in the richest area of one of the richest counties in the world. We get only $150,000 a year in rent.  

They are so insulated and unquestioning that they haven't had a single nay vote in the three years since Brian Gallagher joined the "team".  Alex Avellan and Shanel Robinson won't just vote yes at everything put in front of them, but will question and change bad deals until they become good deals.

A perfect example of how the GOP lock on the Freeholder Board hurts the county is the Natirar giveaway. 

County taxpayers were promised the deal would start paying for itself in 2006 when a spa for the wealthy, a five-star restaurant, and private membership club opened and lease payments would increase. That didn’t pan out, the spa is still not open, and the county didn’t receive a penny until 2010 and then only received $150,000 a year. Meanwhile we spend $400,000 a year on debt payments and operations and upkeep.

From a property intended to pay for itself, to millions of dollars in losses?  That’s not just a bad deal – it’s a backward deal.

Get all the facts Natirar - A Backwards Name, A Backwards Deal.