Drake and Singleterry Sweep the Endorsements for Somerset County Freeholder

Environmental, Labor, and Education Organizations Once Again Back Democrats to Lead Somerset County’s Future   Somerville, NJ – Leading organizations fighting for the environment, good jobs at good wages, and a great education for our children have spoken with one voice: they support Democrats Paul Drake and Doug Singleterry for Freeholder in Somerset County.     Continue reading

Statement from Peg Schaffer on the President's COVID status

Somerville - “NJ 101.5, a Pro Trump talk radio station reports that the President knew he, his staff, and his Secret Service protection had been exposed to -- in Air Force One’s enclosed cabin with recycled air! -- and may have contracted COVID-19 on Thursday morning, and instead of following CDC guidelines and isolating until his test came through Trump came to Somerset County and held an indoor, mask-free fundraiser with Central Jersey business, government, and political leaders.""And this morning we wake up to learn that Trump was infected with COVID-19 while glad-handing his supporters in Bedminster." Continue reading

Like President Trump, Somerset GOP Chair Denigrates Other Republicans to Discredit the 2020 Election

Claims Voter List Managed by Republican Chair and Administrator of the Board of Elections Could Lead to “Confusion” and “Fraud”; Mistrusts His Own Party’s Election Officials He is Holding All Evidence in the GOP HQ Instead of Assisting in A Free and Fair Election Tim Howes has been chair of the Somerset County Republicans for a whole two months, and already he’s showing that he’s more than willing to attack anyone – including fellow Somerset County Republicans -- in order to follow President Trump’s lead in attacking the 2020 election.   Continue reading

Donald Trump Accuses Election Workers of Both Parties of Either Incompetence or Fraud

Today Donald Trump sunk to a new low in his attacks on United States democracy and voting, turning his sights on the local elections office and the bipartisan staff who ensures fair and accurate ballot counts.   "It's not the post office," Trump said. "No, it's the elections office. The post office — look, this is a con job. It's like the Russian hoax." “The problem is when they dump all these [ballots] in front of a few people who are counting them, and they're going to count them wrong," the president said in the interview, without offering evidence. "The post office is not to blame.” Continue reading

Somerset County Democratic Committee Black Caucus Chair, Tina Jalloh, Excited to Run with Biden/Harris Ticket

Seeing Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris standing on that stage together was a joy and is indicative of how the Democratic Party and our Nation are moving forward positively on issues of race and gender. Joe Biden has been a champion of civil rights issues for decades, and now we have a strong Black woman as his Vice Presidential nominee. Senator Kamala Harris has always fought to make a positive difference in the lives of the American people of all races, color, and economic groups.  As the Chairwoman of the Somerset County Democratic Black Caucus, as well as a Black woman running on the Biden-Harris ticket, I could not be more excited to campaign through Election Day on November 3rd, to bring real, positive change for the American people and the people of Somerset County. -- Tina Jalloh, 2020 candidate for Somerset County Surrogate and Chair of the Somerset County Democratic Black Caucus. 

Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus Applaud the Selection of Senator Harris as Candidate for Vice President

The Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus has supported Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, in the past. We are delighted with her selection. We urge everyone including all Asian Americans to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket and the entire Democratic line. It is a historic moment for all Asian Americans, our own Kamala Devi Harris is running. She is a first-generation daughter, raised by an Asian American immigrant mother, the late Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris a cancer researcher, from Chennai India. She has achieved this high opportunity to serve and possibly more awaits her in the future, with everyone’s support. This could only happen in America. We could not be more excited to campaign for the Biden-Harris team now, and urge everyone to vote for them on Election Day Tuesday, November 3rd. This will be the real, positive change that America and Somerset County need to correct the racial divide in America. This is a historic and bold decision by Vice President Biden and he should be rewarded for it.  – Rajiv Prasad Chairman of the Somerset County Democratic Asian American Caucus. 

Statements from leaders of the Somerset County Democratic Committee on Joe Biden's selection of Senator Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden made a brilliant choice in selecting Senator Kamala Harris as his partner in the race for the White House, underscoring Democrats’ celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in America. Senator Harris represents the largest state in the nation, fought against mortgage fraud as the Attorney General of California, and has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to take on the big fights that make a difference in everyday American lives. I am thrilled to support the Biden/Harris ticket and know that Somerset County and New Jersey are behind this historic team that celebrates the richness and diversity of Somerset County and the United States of America. – Peg Schaffer, Somerset County Democratic Committee Chair Continue reading

Somerset County Education Association Endorse Drake & Singleterry

The Somerset County Education Association endorsed Democrats Paul Drake and Doug Singleterry for Freeholder in the upcoming November elections. Drake and Singleterry have made county support for public education a cornerstone of their campaigns, and this endorsement recognizes their commitment. Continue reading

Letter to Editor

Bridgewater Republican Mathew Moench, recently endorsed a new Republican Somerset County Chair by stating this individual, Tim Howes, would stay “true to our Republican values.” This is particularly egregious for as we have seen from the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, the party’s values are hatred, bigotry, racism while attacking the very foundation of our Republic. Is this what Somerset County Republicans think the citizens of Somerset County want from their elected leaders?  When Donald Trump comes to Bedminster, will Moench, Howes and their fellow Somerset County Republicans roll out the red carpet or call out his divisiveness, deception, and denial of reality even as the country remains traumatized by COVID-19? Those who believe in Republican values, while their leader is Donald Trump, should be ashamed, and be prepared to hear in November from the voters of Somerset County, what are their true values.   Michael Goldberg Secretary – Somerset County Democratic Committee

First Democratic County Budget Delivers a Tax Reduction, Fulfilling the Promise to Be Strict Stewards of the Public’s Funds and Trust

The Democrat-led Somerset County Freeholder Board today approved the 2020 budget including a tax rate reduction of 1.31%, fulfilling the promises of Freeholder Director Shanel Robinson, Deputy Director Sara Sooy, and Freeholder Melonie Marano to be fiscally conservative while providing top-level services. “The reality is Democrats are not only socially progressive, but also the fiscally responsible party, and this budget that reduces the county property tax rate proves that true locally,” said Somerset County Democratic Chair Peg Schaffer. “During COVID-19, we are seeing strong Democratic leadership from Freeholder Director Robinson and her team that ensures residents who are hurting have the services they need at a price we can all afford.” Continue reading